Why Kettlebells?


5 reasons we favor kettlebells for.

1. Burns Fat in Less Time

By use of the Peripheral Heart training (PHA), the entire body is trained. The idea is to provide uninterrupted blood flow throughout the body while taking no rest between sets, similar to circuit training. You will be doing 4 times the work, in a shorter time frame.

2. Displaced Center of Gravity

The kettelbell’s center of gravity is 6-8 inches below the center of your hand. Barbells and dumbbells center the weight with your hand. The offset of the Kettlebell makes it “alive” in your hand and increases the difficulty and benefit of many of the drills. Kettlebells can do anything a dumbbell can do, even better in fact, but not vice-versa. 

3. Variety and Versatilitys

 Your workout’s variety is only limited by your imagination and safety. One Kettlebell, two Kettlebells and combination drills provide unlimited protection from boredom.  Kettlebells can be used anywhere. It is basically a gym in one hand and provides you with a total body workout.  

4. Balance of Tension and Relaxation

 Tension is strength, relaxation is speed. An athlete must balance both to maximize skill. Kettlebell training utilizes a balance of tension and relaxation 

5. Trains Hip Extension and Deceleration

Ballistic Kettlebell drills provide an intense load to the hips and buttocks. Very similar to the vertical leap, this “grooved” hip extension transfers to many athletic skills such as jumping, running, and throwing. Similarly, deceleration occurs when “throwing” and “catching” the Kettlebell behind you. Your muscles contract together to produce force reduction and deceleration of the weight. 

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How DO women benefit from kettlebell.


Kettlebell training  started out as a ‘manly’ activity. “The Only Workout with Balls”, marketing boasted… 

Marketing apart, kettlebells provided phenomenal results and it didn’t take long for housewives, celebrities, grandmas, female athletes and execs alike to start reaping the benefits of kettlebell training.  

Kettlebell Training and Fat Loss

 Kettlebells use whole body as a unit. One movement (swing, clean and press, snatch) engages many muscles (legs, core, upper body), as a results many calories are used up. 

In short period of time it is possible to burn hundreds of calories. Kettlebell training can be time efficient, incredibly intense and effective (and FUN) workout.

Strong Bones and Healthy Joints. All kettlebell exercises are load bearing and help bones regain and maintain strength. 

Kettlebell exercises are gentle on joints as there is no impact. In fact, many women noticed joint health and range of motion greatly improving while participating in kettlebell training.

Strength Without Bulk – Toned and Dense Muscles. Kettlebell training allows for strength of Incredible Hulk without the incredible bulk. Yes, you can have strong lean body and look like a woman. Kettlebells can help.

I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in strength and endurance in female clients in as little as seven days!

Endurance and Stamina of Marathon Runners (without the running)

High volume kettlebell workouts will build endurance and stamina. 

 Many women athletes chose kettlebells as their cross training tool of choice. It is easy on the joints (no impact) and incredibly effective and strengthening cardio-vascular system. Don’t have time for a run? Grab a kettlebell (your heart will thank you)!

Muscle Balance and Function Kettlebells force body to work as one unit.   As a result, weak links are revealed and fixed. Body regains proper muscle balance and improved functionality. 

Confidence to Handle Anything Life Throws Your Way
Kettlebell training is functional. 

It gets you ready for anything that life can throw your way. 

Need to load/unload your trunk? Move furniture? Stand in airport for 5 hours (without your back ‘killing’ you)? With newly acquired muscle balance, strength, stamina and flexibility women around the world take charge, improve quality of life and live life to the fullest. 

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Kettlebell for Men


Lets face it; sooner or later bodybuilding can get boring and lead to burnout. After all, week after grueling week of barbell squats, deadlifts, and weighted dips is no joke and requires a serious commitment. 

Regardless, if you are into training for the long run and want to be healthy as well. You have to take time to address your weak links and build up different forms of strength such as muscular endurance. One very fun and effective way to keep training interesting, address your weak links, and take your muscular endurance through the roof, is to incorporate kettlebell training into your routine. 

 So what exactly makes kettlebell training so  effective? Glad that you asked.

 First, kettlebell ballistic exercises such as: the swing, the snatch, and the clean and jerk, teach the trainee how to work his or her body as one unit. This full body strength is critical if you want real world strength that will transfer from your training to your athletic activities. The strength that you build from bicep curls and triceps pushdowns that oh so many bodybuilders love are not going to do much good when someone is trying to take you down in a wrestling match or when you are trying to power your way through tough opponents on the football field. 

However, doing exercises that require the involvement of several major muscle groups at once is going to have tremendous benefit for every athlete activity regardless of whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete.

 Second, authentic Russian kettlebells have thick grips. This turns just about every kettlebell exercise into a grip exercise.

Third, due to the displacement of the weight on a kettlebell, you are constantly working on stabilizing the weight on various kettlebell drills such as: the overhead presses, Turkish get-up, and windmill. This recruits more stabilizer muscles to address weak links.

 Fourth, many kettlebell exercises such as windmills, bent presses, and side presses, build up your core strength and increase shoulder flexibility. Shoulder flexibility will assist you in athletic activities such as jiu-jitsu and make it easier for you to lockout weights overhead. 

Finally, kettlebell training is fun. Exercises such as snatches and swings are dynamic, challenging, and enjoyable, and when done in high repetitions, they give you a great cardio workout. Kettlebell core drills such as Windmills and Turkish get-ups look really cool and if something looks cool, it is generally fun to do. Kettlebell training is also a fun way to turn some heads and scare some people. What more could you ask for? 

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